Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my password?

There are three ways to reset your password:

How can I rewind a message?

Controls for messages are as follows:

How can I change my credit card?

You'll find a link on your invoice to change the card on file through our credit card processor. Or you may send a request to billing for a secure form to be sent.

How do I record greetings in my voice?

To record your own greetings:

  1. Call and login to your mailbox
  2. At the mailbox menu press 6 to "Change system options"
  3. At the next menu press 7 to "Change password, voice signature and outgoing greetings."
  4. At the next menu press 6 to "Change outgoing greetings"
  5. Enter the greeting number you would like to record
  6. If there is already a greeting recorded listen to it to make sure you're that is the one you would like to record over
  7. Press 7 to record, press 5 to keep the current recording
  8. Record the new greeting, press the star key when finished
  9. Listen to the new recording then press 7 to record again or press 5 to keep the new recording
  10. Repeat steps as necessary to record all of your greetings

If you have single greeting voice mail or an extension mailbox you may only have a single greeting, you may use the Initial Setup to record your outgoing greeting. From the mailbox main menu press the star key and the system will walk you through recording your voice signature, your outgoing greeting and resetting your password.